From a landfill to a green oasis
A billion euro opportunity
Old landfill A municipal eyesore
A centrally located old landfill can be a really nasty problem. It can spoil an entire urban neighbourhoods image so that it blocks out normal urban development. An old landfill may cause bad smell as well as visual and environmental problems making the total area unattractive and unusable. This can mean a huge missed economical opportunity to your city or municipality. An old landfill requires proper closure but it can be very expensive. However, there can be found a clever win-win solution…
The Ocarina Concept A great solution to an urban development challenge
The Ocarina Concept can be the best solution for an issue caused by a former landfill. It can enable a good win-win based end-use. The Ocarina Concept is tailored to give new life for landfill and its larger neighbourhood. It is an integrated development process from start to finish combining expertise in urban development, landfill closure and green area/golf course development & construction. The Ocarina Concept represents circular economy in its best!
From unattractive landfill surroundings
The Ocarina Concept
Integrated solution on landfill closure, park, and golf course design and urban developement
Integrated preliminary feasibility
Integrated engineering and technologies
Integrated development
To attractive neighbourhood with park, gold course and other recreational activities

Case Tapiola Golf – Finland Tapiola Golf, an award winning golf course and environmental project
The former sanitary landfill of 50 hectares in the heart of the Helsinki metropolitan area was closed in 1985. The biggest landfill in the nordic countries was a major environmental and land use problem.

Tapiola Golf in Espoo Finland, developed on a former landfill, is a magnificent golf garden and green area. It is a great example of application of the Ocarina Concept.
From eyesore to municipal asset
The landfill was transformed into a 18 holer links style golf course and the biggest public park in Espoo by using the integrated Ocarina Concept in each remediation step.
Win-win for people, environment and economy
As an outcome from the transformation, the old landfill and the larger neighbouring areas got totally a new life. This enabled construction of new business and residential areas not to mention the enchancement of urban environment. The economic impact was approximately half a billion cumulating over time.

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